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Parting is such sweet sorrow...

After a mere 5 months I’m departing my position at TUI UK&Ireland today. This is not anything to do with the job, the organisation or the people at TUI but a leap of faith into something new for me and my family.

On few occasions when I’ve departed an organisation have I been as conflicted as I am at leaving TUI. Usually when you leave it’s because you’ve done what you came to do or you’ve given up on the organisation in some way. I have neither. There is so much (interesting) work to do at TUI and the organisation is so vibrant (in difficult times for the travel industry) that I feel quite guilty leaving but I’m also excited by the new ventures I’m pursuing.

It’s been  a roller-coaster 5 months in TUI, probably, in many ways, the most intense 5 months I’ve experienced in many years but, like a roller-coaster, it’s also been incredibly invigorating and exciting.

To all my colleagues and friends at TUI I want to say a huge thank you for your support, effort, challenge and friendship over the last 5 months. I hope you continue to pursue your future with the same talent, bravery and vigour as I’ve seen you do in the last 5 months.

If you will permit me this small cliche: “This is not goodbye, merely ‘au revoir'”