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Act, don't React.

This week I’ve let someone very important down in a massive way that I feel incredibly guilty about.

The details of the what and why aren’t important but what is important is the how.

There was no malicious intent, no ignorance, no procrastination or any failure to act on my part there was just a phenomonally bad failure in judgement and “thinking things through” which was all borne out of reacting instead of acting.

The worst of times, the times when you most feel under pressure to act, when time is of the essence and something must be done, those are the times when it’s most vital not to simply react; reacting is easy, reacting is what we’re best at doing. Those pressing vital times are when it’s most important to take a moment of pause, to consider the issues from all angles, to think things through and to formulate a  plan, even if only in the vaguest detail.

I have spectacularly failed to do so on this occasion and fallen into the trap of just reacting to events and I’m gutted to have let some of the most important people in my life down in a way I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for.

The lesson? As the title says: Act (with knowledge, courage and forethought), don’t just react.