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Searching: Part 2 - employee demotivation

As per my post yesterday, here’s the other interesting search term which cropped up in my site statistics.

The full search term is actually: How to measure employee demotivation

The term is obviously hooking off my Demotivation 101 post and find it very interesting and worthy (in my mind) of some discussion.

It piques my interest in a number of ways and raises many questions:

  1. Is demotivation at an individual level measureable or is it a binary state?

  2. If you take the term “employee” in a plural sense, is it still a measureable?

3. Does the searcher think it’s something which can be dealt with by statistics and measurement? Can it?

  1. Could I (or you) quantify my level of motivation/demotivation?

  2. Is motivation/demotivation a scale? Can I be simultaneously, to some degree, motivated and demotivated at the same time?

I did run the search myself on Google and the top hit: The Demotivation Trap and What You Can Do About It by Robert W. Swain is an excellent read (and references some brilliant Peter Drucker wisdom) but I’m going to be honest, I don’t have answers for any of the above excepting, perhaps, to answer that the most obvious measurement of employee demotivation is if they leave your organisation… and in a plural sense, if many of them are leaving that’s a pretty big indicator that they’re demotivated.

I’m wondering what ideas people might have about other implications (questions raised) by this search (to add to my list) and ideally if there are any answers people can propose to those questions I’d love to hear and debate them with you.