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Searching: Part 1 - Secrets and lies

I’ve just been looking over my site statistics which is not something I do very often (once upon a time I was obsessed with them but then I figured out that I’m writing for myself, not an audience therefore I should just shut up and write) but is sometimes fun and in the search statistics I found two brilliant nuggets which I’ll share with you in this two part series.

In January/February this year amongst the top search items leading people to this site was the search string “secret information on joe vaughan” (and not just one but several instances of it)

This tickles my funny bone immensely. If this is someone doing some detecting (for whatever reason) on me or one of my many namesakes, it must be the worst investigator in history (seriously? would Sherlock Holmes just start googling for “secret information” on a target? I think his search terms  would be more subtle than that). Surely any competent detective would be aware that this could alert the potential target. It would be like a surveillance team on stake-out having a loud-hailer and yelling at their target telling them they are being watched. Très amusant.

The other reason it tickles me is because my life is a pretty open book. I’m open to a fault in fact. Ok, like everyone else (I believe) there are probably numerous white elephants, half-truths and “fictions now pretending to be memory” all over my personal history but as far as I’m aware I have only one real “secret” which I don’t divulge for purely personal reasons (and I will one day… it’s a matter of timing).

So if someone is looking for “secret information” on me then I would recommend you start by asking me! I’ll probably tell you what you’re looking for. I’m stupid like that. :)

So, anyone else have any amusing search terms they’re aware of?