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No snake-oil here.

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m not trying to sell you anything whatsoever.


  • I have no book to pimp
  • I don’t write for anyone but myself
  • I’m not for hire as a consultant
  • I’m not trying to make a name for myself as an analyst with one of the big consultancy firms.

I am interested in many things but most particularly on discussing and thinking about the evolution of enterprises and the need to strip many years of accumulated grime off them to enable them to be agile, adaptable, fast and lithe. I write about that and other things on my blog.

I don’t have an MBA. I haven’t studied organisational behaviours, human psychology or anthropology and I’m not running a research project into anything.

I do, however, have over 20 years of experience in nearly every job in IT (and beyond), most of that time spent leading and managing teams so I’ve built up some ideas on subjects such as technology, collaboration, leadership, management and enterprise (to name but a few) and this is where I share them. Given my lack of formal credentials to lay weight to such ideas, it’s up to you how much or how little stock you take in them.

Be my guest. Have a look around and enjoy.