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Please sponsor chkin man!

My friend Chkin Rob is currently in the middle of the Snowdonia Charity Challenge which is a circa 10 hour endurance event for which he has done almost no training (aside from a few “test cycles” on the flat). Yep.. he’s a nutter.

The event started this morning at 6am in Snowdonia and he’s just texted me to let me know that:

(a) Apparently Snowdonia is quite hilly (his test cycles have all been in the flatlands of Cambridgeshire) and more importantly (b) he’s still alive and although tired he’s still going.

At this very point in time he’s about 10 minutes from the summit of Mount Snowdon!

If you know this nutcase ( or even if you don’t ) and can afford a donation to Regain, please please donate on his just giving page here

Go Rob! You can do it!