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...there's an app for that.

It’s official… when Apple say there’s an app for everything, I’m just going to give up and believe them.

When I wrote a while back about recommended news from your social media “cloud”, little did I know that there’s an app for that.

It’s called Social Reader and it’s pretty much exactly what I was talking about. It hooks into Twitter and Facebook and basically farms all the status updates which include a link in them.

It displays this as a list on the left hand side, and when you click on an item, it brings up the relevant page on the right hand side. (In landscape mode of course).

Now it’s far from being a perfect app. It’s a little ugly for one thing and not as intuitive and elegant to use as it could be (note to Benelux Ventures LLC: Go look at “Sobees for Facebook” and “Early Edition“) but it’s functional and it does the job.

I particularly like this app because at present I’m so pressed for time during my working day that I rarely get to ‘check in’ to my online social scene. Social Reader allows me to sit down with my iPad (yes, I know I haven’t talked about it yet. Keep your hair on, that’s coming) at the end of the day and after a healthy dose of “real news” from apps like “Times”, “FT”, “WSJ”, “Reuters”, “Bloomberg” and “Early Edition” I can also catch up on what my friends have been reading today.

I look forward with no small degree of anticipation to future versions which I hope will knock the rough edges off this application to reveal the sparkling gem underneath.