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No preamble…

Right. I’ve tried to do this several times in the past and failed repeatedly at the first hurdle.

What’s prevented me is an inability to figure out how to introduce myself to you, potentially a complete stranger, in a way which gives you a flavour of my personality, background, beliefs and values.

Then I met a wise man… who pointed out to me, though not specifically in the context of blogging, that you don’t need to do that as it will come through your writing (in the specific context we were talking about, Twitter). Just write and show people who you are (instead of sanitising everything).

That wisdom has taken a little time to sink in and perhaps for me to start to undertake some fundamental  life changes (which I’m doing) to realise just how true it is.

Nike may have appropriated this particular aphorism as their corporate logo but that doesn’t stop it being nonetheless true: Just Do It!

Well then… Look out world: Here I am! Rant at you soon 😉

P.S. Thx @euan 😉